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$tep #1 (Required) - Watch "The Two Coaches" Edited 17 Minute Webinar

$tep #2 (
Required) - Watch The "Power of 4" 22 Minute Webinar

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Join with me in what you are not already in and then change my information to yours at the bottom and each of the 4 companies for FREE and then Coach Van, "TOOL$ TEAM Founder", will make a "TOOL$ TEAM Income $TREAM$ Page" for you just like mine.

Then when you receive your updated page from Coach Van, send your page to your contacts, team, people you care about, etc so they can graudate with you.

It really is that simple.  Nothing below costs a single penny. All will grow with TTAM$.

1. The original income stream. (Trinidad)

Verter Versehttps://verterverse.net/register/?Username=VV6232756

Owner: Patrick Couchman has been on TOOL$ TEAM Webinars.
2. Travel Gig: https://travelgig.app/16719/access/travelgig 

The largest industry in the entire world at over 8 Trillion Dollars. $8,000,000,000,000+

Owner: Cam Corr has been on many TOOL$ TEAM Webinars and has hosted TOOL$ TEAM on his private Zoom and even did a few surprise 3 ways with TOOL$ TEAM members.
3. Join for nothing and already be promoted and qualified for the first income pool, but ONLY NOW! (Netherlands)

Toucanwin: http://SCLINTON.toucanwin.com/join.html

Owner: Kelley Foote has been on a TOOL$ TEAM Webinar.
4. Become an ERC Agent and make huge commissions sharing a 5 minute video.  Commissions are slow, but huge. Commissions always have a comma, sometimes two . . . Really!

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Owner: Has not been on any TOOL$ TEAM webinars . . . . yet, but is on Zoom weekly live for everyone.

$tep #4

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Stephen Clinton
"TOOL$ TEAM Member"

"You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take." 
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